Real Intelligence™ Using Predictive AI

The Only Recommendation Engine with the Brain of a Configurator

Real Intelligence that drives more revenue

Harness the power of Compatio’s knowledge-based product platform.  Precise product data combines with industry-specific predictive AI models to present intelligent, relevant product solutions across the entire customer shopping and product ownership experience.

  • Existing cross-selling technologies (recommenders) don’t understand inter-product complexities
  • Many consumer products (audio, cameras, sporting gear, powersports, etc) are comprised of several components, requiring specific knowledge to ensure accurate recommendations of what works together
  • Only Compatio utilizes industry-specific AI models which are encoded with real expert knowledge and precise product specs to deliver accurate, specific and useful recommendations throughout the online shopping experience
  • Our platform is as dynamic as the eCommerce marketplace, taking into account both the specific needs of the customer and the exact product specs of every item in the digital marketplace – and how each one interacts with the others

Precise data + Human expertise + AI

= Real Intelligence™