Compatio AI Configurator

The first ever multi-manufacturer eCommerce configurator that guides your customers through building completely personalized solutions


Compatio’s eCommerce Configurator is the most powerful tool on the market for shoppers to build solutions that work in the real world.

By combining exact product data, human expertise, and predictive AI, your customers can assemble personalized solutions consisting of multiple products from multiple sources and multiple brands which come together to satisfy their specific needs.

But it’s not just at checkout: our centralized knowledge base can be used to increase engagement across the customer journey. Starting with inspiration and product discovery, our advanced tools can facilitate monetizable engagement throughout the entire personalized buying process – and into the ownership experience of product usage and advocacy.

Compatio AI Configurator

doesn’t guess.
We know.


  • Predictive AI system with compatibility & configuration logic
  • Ability to deal with product variants
  • Real-time inventory
  • Single knowledge base
  • Taxonomy Management System
  • Real Intelligence
  • AI system with compatibility & configuration logic
  • Pre-built industry-specific AI models
  • Distributable to retail partners
  • Quick to implement
  • Headless commerce
  • Highly scalable
  • SmartStudio Interface

“Configurators are becoming increasingly important in e-commerce, as customers increasingly demand personalized products and experiences.”

– Director at Fitch Solutions


  • Launch from anywhere – The configurator can be launched from any product detail page on your site and help customers build an entire solution around a specific product.
  • Saves time, keeps them on your site – Eliminates hours of research and keeps shoppers on your site
  • Tracks previous activity – Adapts recommendations based on what your customers have already selected without tracking personal data
  • Keeps users in control – Automatically displays filters so users can find their preferences
  • Reduces returns since all products are compatible
  • Frameworks can be constrained for intelligent blog posts or gear guides.
  • Never breaks due to inventory or Sku turnover
  • Shoppers can browse products across categories in one interface
  • Each time a user selects a product, the system re-checks compatibility in all categories (e.g. handedness)
  • Results are sorted by best fit
  • All results are technically sound
  • Only displays in-stock products


Pre-selected Builds

Inspire customers with pre-selected configurations for specific purposes tailored to your customers’ exact interests, like fishing for bass, or cycling on gravel. Builds can be shared on your site or through any of your marketing channels.

Social Commerce

71% of people are more likely to purchase products based on social media referrals. Customers want to show off their builds to their community. Compatio AI is the first to offer seamless conversion and customization of these shared builds with a click, making it effortless for people to purchase the exact components of the solution they want.. Each build can be shared not only on your site, but also via social media — where one click pre-populates a shopping cart back on your site.

Marketing Automation

Drip campaigns are a great way to communicate with new prospects and existing customers, and the Compatio AI configurator can optimize both. For prospective customers, recommended components or complete solutions can be emailed to customers to get them to engage on your site. For existing customers, our configuration engine can highlight additional products or components based on purchase history that are known to be compatible.

D2C Customer Support

Provide your customer support staff one-click access to our engine to deliver the best support and cross-selling recommendations in real time. Compatio AI makes the product knowledge previously only provided by seasoned in-store experts available to you support staff with a click. It’s as if they have an expert sitting beside them.

Inventory Synchronization

Compatio’s AI configurator can add rules around displaying compatible items that are in strong stock positions and hiding or deemphasizing products where stock has been depleted or is running low.

Distributable Configurator

Brands can partner with their retail distributors to integrate Compatio AI configurator completely into their retail channels. Their customers can customize and configure your products and solutions directly on your retail partner’s platform, without leaving their site. And with the ARS, customers will still be offered the most relevant complimentary products to purchase with the configured solution.

Note: The Configurator is only available at the PRO or ENTERPRISE levels