Compatio Configure

Compatio Configure empowers your business to deliver precise complex product solutions that work in the real world.


  • Accelerates order cycle times using embedded product expertise
  • Reduces returns by ensuring accurate product and system configurations
  • Decreases the costs from incomplete or incorrect configurations
  • Extends best-in-class customer experience to digital channels
  • Improves operational efficiency for sales and support teams
Compatio Configure

doesn’t guess.
We know.


  • Implements complex rules to handle intricate product configurations
  • Configures whole technically correct systems and dynamically reconfigures them as necessary 
  • Integrates into your existing system; quick to implement
  • Handles large datasets efficiently for responsive configuration experiences
  • Highly scalable
  • Utilizes complex question flows for a guided selling experience

“Configurators are becoming increasingly important in e-commerce, as customers increasingly demand personalized products and experiences.”

– Director at Fitch Solutions



Distributable Configurator

Brands can partner with retail distributors to integrate Compatio Configurator completely into retail channels. Customers can customize and configure your products and solutions directly on your retail partner’s platform, without leaving their site.

Sales and Customer Support

Provide your sales and customer support staff one-click access to our Product eXpert Engine to deliver the the highest-quality insights, enabling optimal configuration and recommendation decisions

Commend + Configurator

Combine the power of recommendations and configuration in a single UX. Cross-sell products relevant to and compatible to configured solutions

Pre-selected Builds

Inspire customers with pre-selected configurations for specific purposes tailored to your customers’ exact requirements or interests. Builds can be shared on your site or through any of your marketing channels.

Inventory Synchronization

Compatio Configurator can add rules around displaying compatible items that are in strong stock positions and hiding or deemphasizing products where stock has been depleted or is running low.