Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Present the right products
to the right customers
at the right time.

Every time.

Precise data + Human expertise + Predictive AI

= Real Intelligence™


Harness the power of Compatio AI’s knowledge-based product platform.

Precise product data combines with industry-specific predictive AI models to present intelligent, relevant product solutions across the entire customer shopping and product ownership experience.

Intelligent Engagement Throughout the Customer Journey

Compatio AI is the first Intelligent Digital Commerce technology that connects customers to precise, personalized, customized, multi- product, cross-brand solutions throughout their customer journey – from discovery to post-purchase.


Site promotion

Search & discovery


Post-sales engagement



For eCommerce sites, Compatio’s cross-selling functions result in

1.7x to 5.4x larger orders


Advanced Recommender System

The recommendation engine redefining the market.

By combining precise data, human expertise, and predictive AI, only Compatio’s recommendation engine creates personalized, hyper-relevant recommendations for every customer – across their entire shopping and ownership experience.

  • The only recommendation engine with the brain of a configurator
  • Multiple product combinations and relationships considered
  • Simultaneously optimizes recommendations across hundreds of thousands of high volume SKUs as well as for customers constructing complex, customized product solutions
  • Immediate results that only improve as platform optimizes

Compatio AI Configurator

The first ever multi-manufacturer eCommerce configurator.

Compatio AI’s Configurator guides digital shoppers as they build solutions that work in the real world, because it calculates the best-fit options using Compatio’s Product Graph™ to guarantee compatibility.

  • True builder capability for any ecommerce site
  • Combines products across multiple manufacturers
  • Creates pre-built bundles for complex products
  • Shareable, transactable configurations for social media

“I’d recommend Compatio to anyone…except my competitors.”

Compatio eCommerce customer

Only Compatio AI delivers the best combination of traditional
recommenders and configurators for eCommerce

Recommendation Engines

Technically Accurate
Customization & Personalization
Cost Efficient
Solutions Configuration
Easy to Update

Bigger Baskets

Fewer Returns

Devoted Customers