Compatio Commend

Compatio Commend generates contextually-relevant, technically compatible product recommendations based on accurate product data, real industry expertise and application-relevant AI modeling.


  • Provides immediate technically compatible results where and when you need them
  • Encodes human expertise, and delivers it at the point where you need it most
  • Specializes in complex products and solutions
  • Utilizes accurate inventory to enhance customer experience
  • Deploys via headless APIs to integrate into any environment
  • Decreases costs and increases revenue
Compatio Commend
The only recommendation engine with the brain of a configurator


  • Calculates recommendations utilizing industry expertise and AI modeling
  • Sorts recommendations by product category; suggests the best products from multiple categories
  • Prioritizes results based on business rules and inventory stock
  • Requires minimal maintenance, is dynamic and easily adaptable



Sales and Customer Support

Provide your sales and customer support staff one-click access to our Product eXpert Engine to deliver the best support and cross-selling recommendations in real time.


  • Suggest best-fit, compatible products from multiple categories on the way to the cart
  • Optimize conversion with one-click add to cart

Product Bundling

Instantly and dynamically create best-fit bundles

  • One-click bundling options
  • Top recommendations are presented based on Real Intelligence™

Commend + Configurator

  • Combine the power of  recommendations and configuration in a single UX
  • Cross-sell products relevant to and compatible to configured solutions

Inventory Synchronization and Planning

Recommendations can be tailored to promote compatible items that are in strong stock positions and away from products where stock has been depleted or is running low.