Additional Use Cases

Distributable Configurator

You have a product that is configurable, can be customized. With the Compatio AI configurator brands can not only offer product configuration on your site, but that same configurator can be integrated and appear in your retail channels. Customers can customize and configure your products and solutions directly on your retail partner’s platform, without leaving their site. Customers are happy because they can conveniently configure complex products where they are – on your partners’ site; retailers are happy because customers stay on their site; your happy because your configurable products are being presented to your customers at the optimal point in the purchase process.

D2C Customer Support

Provide your (and your retail partners’) customer support staff one-click access to our engine to deliver the best support and cross-selling recommendations in real time. It’s like having an expert technical sales consultant sitting next to every customer service rep, which decreases the odds of customers leaving your site (to research elsewhere), while increasing the odds of them confidently increasing their basket size.

Marketing Automation

Drip campaigns are a great way to communicate with new prospects and existing customers, and the Compatio AI recommender can optimize both.  For prospective customers, recommended components or complete solutions can be presented through email to drive traffic and engagement..  For existing customers, we can recommend personalized additional products or components based on purchase history.

Inventory Management

Recommendations can be tailored to promote compatible items that are in strong stock positions and away from products where stock has been depleted or is running low.