Multidimensional Product Finder

Product solutions that incorporate different perspectives

By encoding the real knowledge of experts and exacting product specs with personalized shopping data, we can create curated product solutions across the entire customer shopping experience by focusing on three key dimensions:

  • Product-to-product: Exact specifications are incorporated into our recommendation engine, so combinations and configurations that are incompatible will never be presented to a customer.
  • Product-to-usage: For any given customer need, there are often dozens of products that look like they could fit the bill. Only our industry-specific AI models that encode the knowledge of dozens of experts can produce a solution with the best chance of meeting the specific, individual needs of each consumer on your site.
  • Product-to-person: Not only does our platform utilize recommendations from your own experts, our platform allows tapping into sharable content from all of your customers on your site (or social media) – all of which is completely transactable as any bundle can be automatically added to your customers’ carts with a few clicks.