Discover. Recommend. Configure.

Simplify complex setups
Access deep industry expertise
Boost sales seamlessly



Harness the power of Compatio AI‘s
Product eXpert Engine

  • Quickly provide hyper-accurate complex product configuration and recommendations 
  • Boost revenues, increase profits
  • Retain critical institutional knowledge as your team evolves
  • Deliver expertise to any user or any system in your organization at any time.

Configurator Logic + Precise Data + Human Expertise + Predictive AI


Compatio AI
Product eXpert Engine

Encodes institutional product knowledge

Configures build-to-order and pick-to-order products and systems

Recommends across products, lines, and brands

Tracks and applies inventory continuously 

Delivers expertise to any user or system in your organization


Compatio’s cross-selling functions result in

1.7x to 5.4x larger orders

Only Compatio AI delivers the best combination of
traditional recommenders and configurators

Recommendation Engines

Customization & Personalization
Cost Efficient
Solutions Configuration
Easy to Update
Technically Accurate

“I’d recommend Compatio to anyone…except my competitors.”

Compatio AI customer

Elevate organizational product knowledge.
Reduce costs. Increase revenue.

Compatio AI addresses pain points unique to manufacturers and distributors,
elevating operations, driving growth and fostering unparalleled customer experiences

Sales – Empower your most junior sales team member with the expertise of your most knowledgeable pro

Distribution – Foster seamless collaboration by offering accurate cross-compatibility and intelligent product recommendations

Marketing – Generate data-driven insights and valuable market analytics

Systems – Curate specialized product combinations and configurations to address complex inter-product challenges

Inventory – Prioritize results based on business rules and real-time inventory data; generate analytics to streamline stocking and ordering

Customer Service – Provide accurate and relevant support; improve customer satisfaction and increase sales

What if your configurations were NEVER WRONG?


Compatio Commend

The recommendation engine redefining the market.

By combining precise data, human expertise, and predictive AI, only Compatio’s recommendation engine creates personalized, hyper-relevant recommendations for every user – across the entire product experience, from discovery through ownership.

  • The only recommendation engine with the brain of a configurator
  • Multiple product combinations and relationships considered
  • Simultaneously optimizes recommendations across hundreds of thousands of high volume SKUs as well as for users constructing complex, customized product solutions
  • Immediate results that only improve as platform optimizes

Compatio Configure

Compatio Configure guides users as they build solutions that work in the real world, using Real Intelligence™ to calculate best-fit compatible options

  • Configures complex build-to-order products or systems of components
  • Implements complex rules to handle intricate product configurations
  • Integrates into your existing system
  • Handles large datasets efficiently for responsive configuration experiences
  • Utilizes complex question flows for guided selling experiences

Bigger Orders

Fewer Returns

Loyal Customers