Advanced Recommender Suite

The recommendation engine redefining the market

Product Description

Powered by the brain of a configurator

Compatio’s Advanced Recommender automatically curates and personalizes the products presented to each customer through attribute filtering, product compatibility, and real-time inventory, resulting in bigger baskets and fewer returns.

  • Core Recommender: Hyper-relevant recommendations based on real-time product purchase data and proprietary AI learning. You can be up and running in minutes on supported platforms for an immediate boost in performance.
  • Pro Recommender: Building on the Core Recommender, the Pro adds contextually-relevant recommendations based on product specs, industry expertise and industry-specific AI modeling for personalized recommendations across the entire shopping and ownership experience.
Advanced Recommender Suite


  • Immediate results that only improve as system optimizes
  • Saves time by eliminating hours of research and keeps shoppers on your site
  • Tracks previous activity – Adapts recommendations based on what your customers have already selected without tracking personal data
  • Keeps users in control – Automatically displays filters so users can find their preferences
  • Multiple product combinations and relationships considered
  • Specializes in complex products and solutions
  • Reduces returns since all products are compatible
“One bad recommendation causes 52% of your shoppers to dismiss all your recommendations.”
“One bad recommendation causes 52% of your shoppers to dismiss all your recommendations.”
~The Baymard Institute
What if your recommendations were never wrong?


Compatio’s ARS enables customers to discover items they may not realize they need

  • The only recommendation engine with the brain of a configurator
  • Creates cross-sell opportunities at the point of purchase
  • Suggests the best products from multiple categories
  • Optimizes conversion with one-click “add to cart”
  • Platform is dynamic, easily adaptable and maintainable. 
  • Product relationships across multiple dimensions are utilized and optimized for every customer shopping session, recommending the best solution for each customer
  • Offers inventory prioritization in product presentation at every point in the shopping experience based on business needs and stock
  • Predictive configuration for CPQ


Not another recommender. An intelligent cross-selling system.


Suggest best-fit, compatible products on the way to the cart

  • Convert cross-sell opportunities at the point of purchase
  • Suggest the best products from multiple categories
  • Optimize conversion with one-click add to cart
  • Includes option to show product descriptions and handle configuration questions

Product Bundling

Instantly and dynamically create best-fit bundles

  • One-click bundling options
  • Top recommendations are presented based on Real Intelligence™
  • Supports auto-discounts and dynamic pricing
  • Continuously updates total price as user personalizes their selections

Social Commerce

An intelligent cross-selling system for the entire customer journey. Each purchase can be shared not only on your site, but also via social media and other promotional channels — where one click pre-populates a shopping cart back on your site.

D2C Customer Support

Provide your customer support staff one-click access to our engine to deliver the best support and cross-selling recommendations in real time.

Marketing Automation

Drip campaigns are a great way to communicate with new prospects and existing customers, and the Compatio AI recommender can optimize both. For prospective customers, recommended components or complete solutions can be presented through email to drive traffic and engagement. For existing customers, we can recommend personalized additional products or components based on purchase history.

Inventory Synchronization

Recommendations can be tailored to promote compatible items that are in strong stock positions and away from products where stock has been depleted or is running low.

Predictive Configuration for CPQ

Predictive AI recommends best configurations based on dimensions like budget, usage, operating environment, and customer characteristics.